Blissful Brows by Amanda: Website Design

Amanda Kiel is a local hairstylist, former piercer and semi-permanent makeup expert. When she came to us to build her a brand and website, we know we had to make her a brand as regal, creative, edgy, and fresh as her. We started with the logo design and other branding necessities before moving into the website design.

She needed booking functionality and a gallery. She was a freelance semi-permanent makeup expert at the time so we had to work with a small budget. This actually worked out in our favor since we decided it was better not to load the website with too many pages and content. We wanted to keep it simple. The website needed to be designed as a portal for Amanda’s customers to book their appointment. After the development of the website, Amanda blew up. She works full-time as a semi-permanent tattoo artist now out of West River Tattoo (website designed and developed by my husband) in Grand Rapids.

See the full website here. If you like what you see, contact me today!