Welcoming New Baby YouTube Premieres

Welcoming New Baby YouTube Premieres

Welcoming New Baby YouTube Premieres

When it comes to running your brand on social media, timing is king. With the introduction of scheduling platforms, running campaigns on social media have become easier than ever. Well, YouTube jumped on that bandwagon with YouTube Premieres. You can now schedule your videos on YouTube so you can create hype before your video premieres.

For now, the premieres can only be done on desktop but viewers can watch from any platform. YouTube premieres is a feature that lets you and your viewers watch and experience a new video together, much like a movie or TV show premiere. Premiering your video allows you to schedule a video upload and to create buzz around the video with a shareable watch page.

    Here is how your video premiere will work:

  • A public watch page is created. The video will eventually premiere on this watch page.
  • A tune-in notification is sent around 30 minutes before the start of a premiere to viewers who have opted in to receiving notifications (bell icon). A second notification is sent at the start, letting viewers know the premiere is starting.
  • You and your audience can interact in comments

It’s the answer to Instagram and Snapchat’s live videos but on the video platform monster it’s self. It will be interesting to see how brands use this in the upcoming year; I know I will be watching.

If you’d like to learn more about YouTube Premiere, you can click here. For more social media tips, click here.

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