My Education Story

I think I should start off by saying that I have been in school pretty much all of my life, but higher education igniting something in me. Even as a high-preforming student all through middle school and high school, I was not prepared when I entered my first university. I attended Central Michigan University from 2009 to 2014. I left jaded, like much of my generation. When I got into the industry, I decided I needed more than what I had learned at CMU. I ended up with a full ride to Full Sail University.

Full Sail University's online graphic design program changed me as a designer and as a person. I ended up graduating with honors despite also working full time and running Ladies, Wine and Design Grand Rapids. I instantly knew I wanted to be a professor. I have always loved higher education, but the system needs some help. Universities that focus on their students as the future rather than revenue can change the course of a student's life. I know that from experience. I took the lessons I learned from my amazing professors and the phenomenal administration at Full Sail University with me. I found my fit at Kendall College of Art and Design.

When students are in my class they feel seen, respected and comfortable. I create an environment that is all about learning while doing - and hopefully, they have some fun along the way. I see my students as industry professionals. I see them as the people I will one day be working on projects with. I push them to do their best and support them as they go through the semester. I never blink at spending extra time outside of the classroom to help a student grasp the concepts I teach. I learn every student's name as well as their aspirations. I help them find the right place to look for jobs in their industry as well as network. I believe higher education should give students a return on their investment. It is our job, from adjuncts to department heads, to give the students the service they are paying for. As more and more high school students contemplate whether the bill for college is worth it, it is our job to make sure they see that it is.
My Teaching Philophosy

Making a Difference

Bringing the focus back to the students

Such a supportive teacher who really is willing to work with you through every problem.
Class was very fun and highly informative.
Dani was a really great teacher. I enjoyed her enthusiasm.